Tell us about your team challenges and enter our book draw

Tell us about your team challenges and enter our book draw

All teams have problems or issues at times, that’s pretty natural.

A team is, after all, a group of people coming together who may be very different to one another. This means it’s not a given that people will get on and work well together. All problems, issues and challenges can be overcome though – that we know.

In the spirit of interactivity, we’d be very interested in hearing from you about any team challenges you have met.

So our question to you is this: What is the biggest team challenge you have encountered?

Please share in the comment field below and add your name too. Use no more than two sentences, please.

Within the next couple of weeks we will draw five lucky winners (from those who have shared their team challenge) who will get a signed copy of the book.

Thanks for sharing.


Elisabet and Mandy


  1. Hillevi
    Mar 7, 2013

    The biggest team challenge I’ve faced is when there are several severely socially incompetent persons in one team. Really challenging…

  2. Susanne
    Mar 10, 2013

    My biggest challenge was to creat à team with different culture background an located in different Countries at the same time deliver

  3. Michelle Atkin
    Mar 13, 2013

    My biggest team challenge was to manage the other directors to enable them to share the company vision.

  4. Victoria Cuevas
    Mar 14, 2013

    My greatest team challenge involved leading and motivating a business unit’s training team through a period of great uncertainty/structural change. As an external consultant, I had to gain the team’s trust before I could begin working with them to shape their business unit’s training strategy.


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