Book review in Sweden’s leading HR Journal

Book review in Sweden’s leading HR Journal

The Team Formula has been reviewed in the latest issue of Personal & Ledarskap, Sweden’s leading HR Journal, published 20 June 2013.

Read the review online here.

Below is a translation of the review.


Engaging story about team development

Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, leadership consultants with many years experience of team development, use an unusual approach in their book The Team Formula. Instead of writing a non-fiction book they have chosen to go down the fictional route. And it works surprisingly well. The engaging story tells the tale of a team’s journey from suspicion to trust. The starting point of the book is familiar to many of us: After a merger, people from two different company cultures are going to work together.  The willingness to get in line with the new team and respect the manager is, from some of the team members at least, close to nil at first. The story is believable and the recognition factor is high. For anyone working with group development, or anyone who is part of a team, this book offers many aha-moments and learnings. Emma Casserlöv


The book can be bought at the international online retailers listed on the right and Adlibris in Sweden amongst many others.

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