Challenges that all teams face

Challenges that all teams face
In all of the teams that we work with across the globe, we find we are constantly working with very similar themes in  terms of the strengths and challenges in teams. During the writing of our book ” The Team Formula” we have taken the research from our combined 40 plus years of experience and written about the top themes that we see consistently .
We decided to write this book as a story. We all know how people love stories and that we are much more engaged in the storytelling format than the “HOW TO”  format. We wanted to be different so we set about writing The Team Formula using this approach. Elisabet and I love telling stories and have spent our life helping people to learn by telling them stories that relate to them and their situation.  We were very interested to learn that it IS different to write a book like this and indeed people do not write business books in a story format, maybe because it’s not the normal format or maybe because they find it difficult.
Well, we found it easier to write in this way  and thoroughly enjoyed being creative. We had such fun along the way too.
Here are SOME of the challenges that we discuss in the book :-
  • Team members who don’t know or trust each other
  • Everyone for themselves, fighting their own corner
  • People who don’t share relevant information with each other
  • Cliques, sub-groups, teams within teams, “us and them” behaviours, gossiping and going behind people’s backs.
Happy reading …
Mandy Flint, co-author of “The Team Formula” which is released 4 March 2013.



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